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Introduction of tartaric acid:

L (+) - tartaric acid and its salts products for compounds having optical rotation, produced by the fermentation, the product has a natural resistance, for acidity regulator, leavening agents in the food industry, while resolving agent used in medicine chelating and electroplating.


L (+) - tartaric acid is widely used in the following areas:

1, as an agent for adjusting the acid wines and other beverages in advanced;
2, the main raw material of food emulsifier DATEM is used in bread, cakes, ice cream and other foods;
3, the synthesis of chiral resolving agents and drug salt forming agent;
4, gypsum and cement retarder;
5, health care products and cosmetics ingredients;
6, metal surface cleaning and polishing preparations.


Product line:

Production line description

Production line description

Production line description


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